Benefits of Using Electronic Signature

It’s very important for businesses to keep their facilities, vehicles and other important business property secured.  Most companies will have many keys for keeping their buildings and cars locked.  An electronic key cabinet can help to keep all of these keys organized in one central location and secure within a locked box.  A system can be set up so only authorized individuals have access to the keys.  A key cabinet then is an organizational tool as well as being an important part of the business’ security system.

There are two main forms of key cabinets.  There are locking key cabinets which open and close with a key, and then there are electronic key cabinets.  For personal use or a very small business with only a few keys, a simple locking key cabinet may be adequate.  However for larger businesses or entities which want a greater degree of security, an electronic key cabinet offers several advantages. electronic shops near me

The first advantage to an electronic version is that it is easier to provide access to multiple individuals if that is what is desired without having physical keys.  They will just need an access code to the keypad on the cabinet.

Another advantage is electronic key cabinets come with more features and high levels of security.  Access codes can be programmed and re-programmed using thousands of possible combinations.  Some of these cabinets come with an alert that is signaled whenever a wrong pass code is entered and then will deny entry after a certain number of failed attempts.  This makes it virtually impossible for someone who is not authorized to gain access to the cabinet.  There can also be tracking mechanisms which track usage of access to the cabinet and usage of the keys.

In addition to extra features, electronic versions will generally also give you the option for high grade steel as swell as high security code options, whereas locking key cabinets do not generally have the higher level materials or security features.

Electronic key cabinets generally run on simple AA batteries with a low battery indicator signal.  Even when the batteries are low or die, the access codes will still be active.

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